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A Note on Happiness

You Are Just One Great Ad Away From Success Probably, if you ask anyone they would agree with you that happiness is a good thing. They will say that they want it, but, like luck and fortune – it comes to the lucky and fortunate. This is a myth, and they are wrong. Happiness is...

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Persistence: A Story About Grapes

Be like the grape man… A couple of times a year, my girlfriend and I try to make it out to Cyprus. We love the blue seas, white sands and Mediterranean food. We may over-indulge in Greek Mezes and vodka fuelled drinks. We may also sometimes be found in the beach bar in the south of...

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#116 – Zack Teperman on the Importance of PR, Why You Should Be the Visible Face of Your Company and How to Start

Zack Teperman is the founder of ZTPR, a full-service public relations agency and four-time winner of the Hollywood PR Agency of Choice Award. After being an on-air radio disc jockey, Zack focused his expertise on public relations, helping lead many high-profile PR campaigns. Zack founded ZTPR to bring his expertise to each client he works […]