#147 – Dan Nikas On Leveraging An Email List, Setting Cross-Sells And Upsells Flows And Why You Should Segment Apple Users

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Dan Nikas is a former homicide detective turned entrepreneur and online marketer. Today we welcome Dan back to the show to talk about email marketing, specifically what Dan has learned as the founder and CEO of Gearbunch, a multi 7-figure print-on-demand brand that caters to niche audiences. We are going to get into email marketing, how iOS 14 and 15 affect email marketing and how to overcome it. We will also discuss how to get more subscribers and the best automated flows to set up in your email. All this and much more, up next.

Bullet points

(00:43) Intro

(03:00) Launching Gearbunch

(04:16) Leveraging an email list

(05:19) Tracking and iOS 14

(07:17) Email marketing and iOS 15

(09:02) Navigating the changes in email marketing

(10:43) Using Klaviyo

(14:05) Email marketing vs Facebook marketing

(16:39) Segmenting Apple users

(19:53) Connecting Klaviyo with your store and other accounts

(23:10) How to drive growth through giveaways

(33:03) Cross-sells and upsells flows

(41:24) Where to find out more

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