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#03 – Alex Cunliffe

#03 – Alex CunliffePodcast     00:00 / 01:03:52   1X   Download file Play in new window Duration: 01:03:52Subscribe Now: iTunes Stitcher Google Play Spotify OvercastSHOW NOTES for Alex Cunliffe – Inkthreadable 1:50 – Tell...

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#109 – Michael Martocci – On Bootstrapping to $50Mil Per Year, Effective Cash Management and Outsourcing to Machines

Michael Martocci is the CEO and founder of SwagUp, an incredibly fast growing company that is just 3 years old and is 8-figures bootstrapped. Today we will discuss how to transition from founder to CEO and how to build a tech company when you are not technical. We will also touch on how to bootstrap […]