#08 – Nate Lind – “Avoid getting cut on the cutting edge” – 1/2

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“Avoid getting cut on the cutting edge”

00:00 – Introduction

03:35 – How did you start many businesses without any money? – NL: The story about how he started a business with just credit cards.

06:38 – “I found that when I’m in periods of high pressure and people depend on me I Lift my game up”

08:55 – CPA and how to start with just one funnel. 

09:45 – What is CPA?

11:26 – “Pick your best seller and create a funnel for it and then run traffic to it”

11:42 – Affiliate traffic approach – The time before influencers

17:30 – The point of view of a spoke-hub system for e-commerce

18:45 – Real Estate strategies applied to e-commerce

26:20 – Similarities between CPA and influencer marketing 

30:15 – How do you convince an influencer that your brand is the one they should choose to work with? – “Learn EPC (earnings per click) vs CPC (cost per click)” Find out what motivates the influencer.

37:08 – “There are companies that exist entirely on Amazon with physical products, and that’s the stupidest way to build a business” 

40:45 – The advantages on building your own platform.

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