Smarter Destiny Podcast: Quick Proven Growth Tactics From Founders You Can Use ASAP
Smarter Destiny Podcast: Quick Proven Growth Tactics From Founders You Can Use ASAP
#171 - Dennis Weiss on How To Prevent Fraud, The Problem With Bought Traffic And How To Hire The Right People

Dennis Weiss is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of IPQualityScore. IPQS is a SaaS that protects your website from bots, fraudulent traffic and the other bad stuff that is coming in. IPQS provides the most accurate and affordable real-time anti-fraud solutions on the planet. With software created by ex-NSA technology experts, IPQS offers a level of insight into fraudulent activity that no other service can match. In today's episode we will discuss what are some of the most common frauds, what's the problem with bought traffic and how to avoid fraud as an ecommerce brand. All this and much more, up next.

Bullet points

(00:21) Intro

(02:18) The start as an entrepreneur

(05:35) Creating a SaaS around preventing fraud

(06:56) Avoiding fraud as an ecommerce brand

(08:26) What is a residential proxy

(10:20) Why ecommerce is an easy target for fraud

(12:47) The problem with bought traffic

(15:36) Hiring the right people

(18:00) How to find top talent

(21:11) IPQualityScore

(22:29) Modifying the security filters

(24:19) Where to find out more

(24:25) Rapid fire question round

(24:44) If you ever had to start again, how would you make your money?

(25:29) What is the most common or biggest mistake that leaders make?

(25:53) Who is a great leader (alive or dead) and why?

(26:45) How do you hire top talent?

(27:29) What is one of your proudest moments?

(28:08) What is one interesting fact about you that not many people would know?

(28:35) What daily routines do you have (morning or evening) that have helped make you successful?

(29:45) What book (or books) changed your mindset or life?

(31:15) What is the most exciting question you spend your time thinking about?

(31:35) The most common frauds

(32:00) What was your biggest challenge starting in business and how did you overcome it?

(32:54) What unusual or underrated food or drink should more people try out?

(33:17) What makes you happiest?

33:38 ruiditos

(33:47) Any asks or requests for the audience?

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