Smarter Destiny Podcast: Quick Proven Growth Tactics From Founders You Can Use ASAP
Smarter Destiny Podcast: Quick Proven Growth Tactics From Founders You Can Use ASAP
#176 - Rylee Meek on Following Your Passion Vs Following Opportunity

Rylee Meek is the founder and CEO of The King's Council, a community designed to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and expertise they need to crush whatever their chosen path is right now. Rylee has helped entrepreneurs scale their businesses and has taken eight companies to 7 and 8 figures within the first year of each, generating 9 figures over the past decade. Rylee is also a published author and his third book, The Seven Day Blueprint, is going to teach us how to create a business or a relationship —or, if we are already in one, how to audit it and find out why it's not going how we want it to go.

(00:00) Intro

(02:08) The start as an entrepreneur

(07:39) Moving to Mexico and back

(09:08) Perfecting the “selling one-to-many”

(12:12) Selling illegal vitamins in Mexico

(12:52) The mindset around sales

(15:43) Having continuity between marketing and sales

(17:00) Following your passion vs following opportunity: People buy what they want, not what they need

(19:18) Why there needs to be a flow through the entire sales process

(21:26) The fool-proof plan to building something sustainable: The Seven Day Blueprint

(30:21) Where to find out more

(31:42) Rapid fire question round

(32:01) If you ever had to start again, how would you make your money?

(33:22) What is the most common or biggest mistake that leaders make?

(35:05) How do you identify a good business partner?

(37:22) What is one of your proudest moments?

(38:40) What is one interesting fact about you that not many people would know?

(39:35) What daily routines do you have (morning or evening) that have helped make you successful?

(41:05) What book (or books) changed your mindset or life?

(42:11) What advice would you give your younger self?

(43:13) What unusual or underrated food or drink should more people try out?

(44:28) What makes you happiest?

(47:17) Any asks or requests for the audience?

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