#128 – Brandon Hendrix On New Traffic Sources, Scaling Aggressively And The Importance Of Being Uncomfortable

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Brandon Hendrix is the senior vice president of marketing at Thrasio, the fastest growing profitable unicorn company in the US. Prior to Thrasio, Brandon was the head of marketing at Lovepop, where he used to manage more than one million dollars of ad spend per day on Facebook alone for massive brands. In this episode we are going to touch on Brandon's superpower: scaling with traffic sources, placement and platforms and areas you might have not considered yet. All this and much more, up next.

Brandon is one of our VIP guests joining us at our upcoming Mexico Luxury Mastermind Retreat and we couldn't be more excited! Brandon is on another level when it comes to profitably scaling consumable brands – and considering the brands he's in charge of will do a combined $1 Billion this year – he's WELL worth listening to!

Bullet points

(00:32) Intro

(02:42) The start as an entrepreneur

(08:33) The importance of being uncomfortable

(11:32) Getting out of your comfort zone

(14:28) Having mentors

(15:33) &BAM

(17:23) Getting into marketing and finding unique ways to scale aggressively

(29:11) Think about what you are selling and what type of traffic make sense for it

(32:03) Becoming a traffic teacher

(35:24) Wanting to learn more and figuring out what to do next: Focusing on startups

(40:14) There’s always a way to make traffic work better

(45:44) The best traffic sources for 2021

(50:09) Mexico Mastermind 2021

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